How To End Emotional Affair: Getting Back To The One You Love

by admin on October 2, 2010

emotional affairWhile infidelity is unfortunately quite a common problem in marriages today, what many people do not realize is you can also have an emotional affair with someone.  Having an emotional affair typically means you have more of an emotional relationship with someone than a physical one. You can even have an emotional affair with someone you have never met, for instance if you talk over the phone or via the Internet on your computer.

Regardless of what the specifics may be in your case, if you are having an emotional affair with someone and want to end it, there are a few tips which can help.

The first step is admitting you are doing something wrong and that you need to end the affair. If you want to end an emotional affair, you need to take the blame for what you have done and not blame anyone else. There may have been problems in the marriage, for instance you may not have been getting as much sex as you want or you feel as though they are never there for you, but that does not give you the right to go behind their back and cheat on them. You cannot put the blame for what you have done on things you think they were doing or not doing during the marriage.

You then have to confront the person you are having the affair with and let them know you are ending it. Make sure you are stern and do not get them thinking there is ever going to be a chance of rekindling the romance. Let them know you are going to end the emotional affair and start being true to your partner as you should be.

End all ties and do not continue any sort of a relationship with this person. Even if you were good friends before the emotional affair, you crossed the line when you started having the emotional affair and now the only decent thing to do for your marriage and your partner is stop seeing them altogether.

You can end an emotional affair and get back to the one you love but it can be challenging. The most important thing is you are taking the necessary steps towards ending this emotional infidelity and trying to become a better person. Don’t take an emotional affair lightly, end it while you can.

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