Marital Infidelity: Protect Your Relationship From It

by admin on October 1, 2010

marital infidelitySadly, marital infidelity can happen to almost anyone at any point in the relationship. Yet, there are certain times and potential situations that increase the risk of marriage infidelity. At all times, work on your relationship with your spouse and do not allow outside pressures to put stress on your precious marriage. At the same time it pays to know when most marriages go through a rough patch in order to meet potential problems head on.

The first year of marriage is generally the most blissful but after that first year has past, boredom can set in. It feels like an emotional high when you are first in love and the kind of love that replaces that first flush of passion is a more steady, deeper yet not as exciting feeling. A new spouse can miss the emotional rush that comes from a marriage’s first stages. When infidelity in marriage happens at this point it is typically not a lasting or serious affair.

They are often flings or one-night stands that, just like a drug, induce a feeling of elation and excitement.

Other couples will experience marital infidelity just after their first child comes into the world. The addition of a baby brings serious changes to the relationship. Often, the wife transfers much of her attention and affection to the child. In addition, she is likely feeling fatigued and irritable from lack of sleep. Sometimes a baby also brings new financial pressures to a relationship.

Everyone also comes into marriage with preconceived ideas about what motherhood or fatherhood is supposed to look like. At this time two individuals who used to be in agreement about everything can find themselves clashing. With all these new stresses on the marriage, the deep bond the couple used to feel can be stretched to the breaking point and marital infidelity can result.

One would think middle age would be a golden time for two people who have been together for years and watched their children grow up together. Often this is the time of life they have been looking forward to. Again, this is a period of much change. Sometimes the consuming job of raising children leaves an emptiness that couples have no idea how to fill. It can become evident that they have very little in c common any longer. At the same time, the fact that their bodies are aging, hair is turning gray, a few extra pounds have been added to the scale can give insecure individuals something to prove. That something can be marriage infidelity.

Care and nurture your relationship. By being aware of what the other person is feeling and responding to their needs regardless of what pressures you are feeling from the outside world, you will build a healthy relationship and shield yourself form the heartbreak of marital infidelity.

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